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I was recommended to visit online Empathy Norfolk. Oh how glad I did. My son committed suicide November 2017, I was in absolute pieces as anyone would be in those circumstances. However writing to Kathryn and Joy by email helped me unleash everything as to how I felt. They comforted me in the best possible way and just let me tell everything. I realised I wasn't alone they told me there stories. Months later I visited the group and was made so welcome and heard everyone's story if they wanted to tell. They are the kindest of people and I wish them well in there venture. As for me I will never get over the death of my son I miss him so so much he was the kindest of people, I am now doing voluntary work at the N and N Hospital being a hospital visitor. I enjoy it immensely.

Thank you Joy and Kathryn for everything.


I sought the support of Empathy following my husband’s death in June and meeting this amazing group of people has given me the strength to continue forwards. Having the time and safe space to meet with others who have also been bereaved by suicide is invaluable; there is no judgement or taboo, and it has reiterated to me that I am not alone. Whilst my family and friends have been very supportive, I have found it difficult to talk to them as I fear causing them upset or worry. The people I have met through Empathy are not shocked, scared or horrified, instead they offer true compassion and understanding and I feel less alone. Joy and Kathryn are amazing and inspirational people and I cannot thank them enough for the help they have given me.